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Incomplete Projects

I collected here my incomplete projects. Some of them with executable, some with dll and some just only source code.

PDF parser (Apr, 2001) Statistics

This is just a parser of Acrobat PDF documents. It can read information about page count and some elements inside each page. Open PDF file from menu and then navigate throw page menu. To get statistics on any page open Show Statistics and use Go to.. on Page menu. Statistics are updated only after using Go To.. item.

Author: Jafar N.Aliyev (Jsoft)
Source: Included (Borland Delphi)

Download here

PDF417 reader (Jun, 2001)

This program was going to be a 2D barcode reader, that able to read the barcode in any skew and distortion. The Datastrip library also included to install and test. Available in two versions Delphi and C++.

Author: Jafar N.Aliyev (Jsoft)
Source: Included (Borland Delphi, Borland C++)

Download here

Wavelet (Jul, 2001)

This is a wavelet based image compression program. Source in Borland C++.

Author: Jafar N.Aliyev (Jsoft)
Source: Included (Borland C++)

Download here

Service (Mar, 2001)

This is a service calls handling system of our company. Available in two parts. An inventory management part is the standalone application and programmed in Borland Delphi. The call register part is a thin client and written in Microsoft InterDev. Both sources are available to download.

Author: Jafar N.Aliyev (Jsoft)
Source: Included (Borland Delphi, Microsoft InterDev)

Download here