Creation date:

Block Out (26 Feb, 1996)


BlockOut is a 3D logical game. It’s like tetris, but here you must fill bowl with 3D blocks. You can rotate them in three dimensions and put to the bowl. Full floor is disappeared. Blocks are get down slowly. When the current block lays on others or floor you can’t move it anymore.

The program is written by me, on 26 February, 1996. It’s clear windows 16 application and written in Borland C++ Copyright 1991 Borland Intl.

Navigation buttons

Q and A – rotates block in x axis;
W and S – rotates block in Y axis;
E and D – rotates block in Z axis;
Spacebar – pushes block down;
Right arrow – moves block to the right;
Left arrow – moves block to the left;
Up arrow – moves block to up;
Down arrow – moves block to down;
Press F3 to pause/resume game;
Press F2 for new game;



Help on navigation buttons is given in Help item of menu. Here you can click (not push) the corresponding button with mouse and see the result interactively.


By default game starts from speed level 0 and gets higher. The speed of game increases with this level. The higher the level the faster the game. For the same block in higher level you get more score. Therefore you can change starting speed of the game in Options. You can also change here width, height and depth of the bowl. At the right side of the board you can see the coming block, scoreboard and the depth of the bowl. You can show and hide all of them from options.

There are three difficulty levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Master.
In Beginner level you can see figures up to quart parts (figures, consisting from 1 to 4 bricks).
In Intermediate level you’ll see up to quart and flat penta (5 part) objects.
In Master level you’ll see up to quart and any types of penta objects.
You can use equal width and height of cells clicking Equal W and H scales.
If you want to make pull down with one touch of the spacebar then tick Quick Pull Down. Otherwise you must push and hold down spacebar to reach the bottom of the bowl.

Note that Speed level and Difficulty level are custom controls.

author: Jafar N.Aliyev (Jsoft)
Source: Included (Borland C for Windows)
License: Free

Download here