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Cisco AnyConnect issue on Windows 8/8.1

Year ago, when I bought my HP ENVY 17” notebook, with preinstalled Windows 8, I found, that I will not able to use Cisco VPN Client with this computer. After a few minutes of connection it stopped to show any node in remote network. Although it kept the connection I was unable to reach any host on my remote Virtual Private Network. I tried the Shrew Soft VPN client too. It did not solve my problem.

When our company bought “Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client” the problem was solved with this client software.

Yesterday our netadmin installed the new version of client and on my next connect it was automatically updated to the version 4.2.00096. After the installation finished I had the same problems, which were year ago. It connects but I can do nothing. Even ping after few seconds drops. I tried to uninstall AnyConnect and all other VPN clients, reinstalled it several times, disabled IPV6, and connected to the switch with Ethernet cable, no way.

Then I found, that, when I connected into VPN client I’m unable to open internet sites too. It cannot resolve internet DNS addresses too. Then I changed the Provider Order in Advanced settings of network adapter, and problem was salved.

Here is the detailed step-by-step guide:

  1. open Network and Sharing Center from Control Panel
  2. click on Change adapter settings. It will open Network Connections window
    Network Connections
  3. from menu chose Advanced and Advanced settingsā€¦
  4. switch into Provider Order tab in Advanced Settings dialog
  5. click on Microsoft Windows Network and move it into top of the hierarchy by clicking up arrow
  6. That’s all

It solved my problem with losing VPN nodes. Here is the snapshot of Advanced Settings dialog after changing the providers' order.

Advanced Settings

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