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Expanded Tetris (1994)


Expanded tetris is a modified version of old famous game. The rules of game are the same as in classic tetris game. The player must fill rows without void inside. It has four levels. Beginner level looks like normal tetris game. But starting from Intermediate level the difficult figures come into field. In Intermediate level appears the figures with one brick outside of the main figure with one adjacent angle. In Master1 level comes into play the figures with two bricks with one adjacent angle. In Master2 you can see the figures that has no one common edge and consist of only adjacent angles. And the second difference from Classic tetris game is ability to invert the figures. In classic tetris you can only rotate them.

The program is written by me(the author of site), on 1994. It’s clear windows 16 application and written in Borland C++ Copyright 1991 Borland Intl.

Navigation buttons

Left arrow – moves the figure one position to the left;
Right arrow – moves the figure one position to the right;
Up arrow – rotates the figure;
Down arrow – inverts the figure;
Spacebar – pushes the figure down;
Press F3 to pause/resume game;
Press F2 for new game;


Help on navigation buttons is given in Help item of menu. You can also open this dialog box by clicking F1.


In Options menu you can give the game difficulty from Normal to Master2 and starting level. By default game starts from speed level 0 and gets higher. The speed of game increases with the level. The higher the level the faster the game. For the same figure in higher level you get more score. You can also change the pull down speed when you push the spacebar. There are two kinds of behavior when you push the spacebar. in "Slow Pull Down" mode the one must push and hold the spacebar in order to push the figure until end. In "Quick Pull Down" mode one touch of spacebar is enought to push the figure until end.

When the player leaves the game activating another window the game is suspended and resumed when the focus gain by the window of game.


author: Jafar N.Aliyev (Jsoft)
Source: Included (Borland C for Windows)
License: Free

Download here