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Nograd (Nógrádgárdony)

Fonix Castle Symbol
Saint Maria
Fonix Castle

Nógrádgárdony is a county in the north of Hungary. It borders with Slovakia. This county is like a village between mountains.

I was in Fonix Castle from 10 till 16 November of 2011 year. It is a sanatorium in the forest. It’s very quiet place. So quiet, that you can hear your heart beats. Some people come here for hunting in the forest and stay for weekend. Inside of sanatorium there’s a fitness centre: sauna, gym, swimming pool, games room, etc. So you won’t be bored here.

There is very friendly staff of sanatorium. There are few people speaking English in this sanatorium. The administrator and cardiologist can speak fluent, and all other medical personal knows some words. But explanation is not a problem; at least you can go to the reception and ask your question. They will call and address your enquiry to the doctor. First two days I was accompanied by Russian speaking translator from Ukraine. Therefore I did not have any inconvenience in explanation.

I was there with “Lifestyle & prevention program” during five days. It’s something like check-up test for whole cardiovascular system. They check everything, that is relevant to this system, starting from an ordinary cardiogram, echo-cardiogram, Doppler of vessels, ultrasound of heart and all internals, up to continuous blood pressure and heart rate measuring test during 24 hours. They also do stress-test. After the stress-test they calculate your heart resource and give you some recommendations, regarding to your lifestyle. After all tests you have some meeting and conversations with nutritionist, cardiologist, neurologist and psychologist.
After completion of all diagnosis, cardiologist gave me the following scheme that I have to do every day. She calculated heart resource by the following scheme, and gave me recommendation regarding to my heart rates that must be reached during everyday exercise.

Pulse = (220-Age)*0.75 hr (heart rates)

She explained me, that 220 beats per second is the threshold coefficient for heart rates. They subtract your age from this coefficient and find your maximum heart rates. It’s your dangerous threshold. During training you must keep your heart rates nearby the 75% of this number. In my case (220-39)*0.75 will be 135-136 hr.
Then you must keep your heart rates +/-10% of this threshold during your everyday exercises at least 15 minutes. It makes your vessels to work and prevents Atherosclerotic plaques.

I had a half-day hiking tour to the mountains. We claimed until the monument of Saint Maria, then I took some photos and came down. I also had one-day tours from sanatorium to the Hollókő village and Balassagyarmat

Creation date: 23 December, 2012

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It is an ethnographic village in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are Catholic Church and small museums in this village.


That is is my impressions about Budapest and Hungary.


Balassagyarmat (formerly Balassa-Gyarmath) is a town in northern Hungary. It was the seat of the Nógrád comitatus.

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