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The symbol of Holloko
atolic Church

Holloko (Hollókő) is an ethnographic village in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are Catholic Church and small museums in this village, talking about Hungarian ethnography. I was in some of them. One was Doll Museum (Babamúzeum). There were many dolls with national women and men dressings of different ages from different parts of Hungary.

Holloko museum of dolls Holloko museum of dolls

Roofs of all houses were from hey. After a fire they were changed to tile.

Holloko Hollókő Holloko

I was there on The Holiday of Goose. By the legend after death of ruler the ruler had to be his young son. But he didn’t want to stay a ruler and to manage this village. He has hidden in stable between gooses. But finally he was found and crowned. This day is celebrating as Goose Holiday. This day they give soup from goose necks. I tasted it. It was really delicious. They also drink hot wine this day. They say it is a super drink, especially in cold weather. They add a spoon of honey and cinnamon to this hot wine. If the one has a cold this wine can cure him quickly.

Cafe in Holloko Holloko Ise House

The main attraction of this village is the “Hollókő Var Castle”. This castle was built by famous landlord. He loved the beautiful wife of other landlord, his neighbor. But this love was not mutual, the woman loved her husband. After building this castle he stole this woman, and hide in this castle. Nobody but the nurse of this woman knew about this place. By the legend every night this nurse turned to the crow and destroyed the wall of the room, where this woman was kept. She took one stone every night, so stone by stone she finally opened the hole in the wall and released the nice woman. Now crow is the symbol of this village. Since castle was partially destroyed, some places were restored and ladders were attached to give access inside of castle.

Way to Var-catle Var-castle View from Var-catle Inside Var-catle Inside Var-catle Inside Var-catle Inside Var-catle

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