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Can't see Don't drive !

Here I don't mean the sight actually, althought it has a place too. This expressions means very large explanation for drivers. This is an informal rule, that knows almost all drivers but few of them understand the true sense. Many driving rules can be explained in prism of this rule. I'll try to explain some of them.

U can't drive around the stopped bus because then you may not see the passenger, comming down from bus and crossing the road by the wrong way(in front of the bus). This is actually the case of Can't see Don't go. Of course you my drive, but too slowly.

The variation of previous example: Another car stopped in front of your car on Red traffic light. The light comes Green but the car keeps standing. Please don't drive around it while you don't know the reason of standing this car. You may mot see the pedestrian in front of this car, especially if the front car is bigger than yours or, in worse case for you, the child may crossing the road.

The driving rules say: Don't overtake prior to turning point, hill or in fog. All of these cases fraught with serious consequences because you can't see the car, comming from the opposite direction and Ba-Back! This case may cost you the fatal end. What a pity because the minute ago you was a healthy man. Again the same rule Can't see Don't go!

to be continued...

Author: Jafar N.Aliyev (Jsoft)

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