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The meaning of margin in Internet Explorer and Firefox

The meaning of margin for container with block model in IE differs from Mozilla. If U have two containers with block model placed beside, IE considers margin-left of right container as distance from the left edge of parent. But Mozilla, Firefox and Opera use this margin as the gap between the left component and the right component. In such cases you have to set two different values for the same field. One for IE and other for all other browsers. You can do that by the following way.

  margin: 5em 0px 0px 10em;

html>body #content{
  margin-left: 0;

IE doesn't see html>body and ignores the instruction. This part works for other browsers. Hence IE sets left margin to 10em, when Mozilla/Opera rewrites this rule and sets it to zero.

Author: Jafar N.Aliyev (Jsoft)

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