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SEO ideas

Organize your site according to the white hat SEO principals. Remember, good organized site will get PR=2 even without inbound links.

The role of Permalinks.

Everybody knows, that inbound links is the main thing, that makes your page ranking to rise. To increase inbound links count you can organize link exchange with other sites. But first of all remenber, that if you locate link to the page, that refers to your linking page, it'll not help you in getting higher PR. Always offer link from another page, raher than prpomoting page. For example if you promote the page, you request another site ( to locate a link to this page. Then don't locate URL of linking page of site ( in this page, but give link from another page (say

Permalinks is a type of link, that stay unchanged (<a href="">link</a>). Permalinks are static links. Hense, link made by JavaScript will not considered as permalink (<a href="'')">link</a>). Such links twill be discarded during calculation of pagerank. If you exchange links with other site, check, that linking site gives permalink to your page, not dynamic (JavaScript link). You also, must locate permalink to site exchanging with you. It'll give both sites a benefit, if you locate links as I mention in previous paragraph. But if you linking to another site unilaterally, then I recomment to use JavaScript link. Such link will be discarded by search engines and will not be counted as outbound link from your site. It buy permalink from page with PR>=5, then buy this link in a long term, because if you have a link from site with higher PR, after a while your site is a good candidate to get 1 less than linking site (if site, locating link to your site, has PR=5, you can get PR=4 after a 9-12 months). But remember, you site mut be good SEO organized.

Page depth in site

Page depth (or nesting level of page) is the count of clicks to get page from main page of site
Level 1 is always the main page.
Level 2 is the page, in distance of one click from the main page.
Third level - in two clicks from main page. Pages on level more than 3 are not considered as important and serious link exchange systems such Sape will not buy places in pages deeper than level 3.

Therefore I recomment you, to organize your site so, that all internal pages will be not deeper than 3rd level.

Another reason to make pages shallow is PR(pagerank). If the main page of your site has PR=3. Then after a while, nearly all 2nd level pages will have a chance to get PR=2 and 3rd level pages may get PR=1 (but may not). But pages, that located deeper, will never be reached and get PR. Even in case of PR=5 in main page.

alt for <img>

Always use alt in <img> tag to set alternate text. You have at least three reasonable things to do it.
Browser will show this alternate text while downloading the entire page or if user disables loading images, your alt text will be shown to user.
Search engines will index your images and will find and include to image search results. It's an alternate way to reach your site.
Narrator will read this text for blind people

I also recommend to write title in <img> tag. Because Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox pops this text as tip, when you point image with mouse.

title in <a>

Use title in <a> tag. I recommend to set the value of title to the header of referring page. If <img> tag is enclosed with <a>, then set alt field on <img> and set title field on <a>.

File names

Give to your pages' file the meaningful names rather than just numbers. Search engine will offer the page more frequent than just

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Quality of backlinks are more important than their quantity

SEO tips

Search engine optimization can be a complex process, but there are distinct areas of the process that can be addressed on their own. Here I tried to highlight most common things and rules.

10 заповедей для написания статей

Для поддержания уровня сайта необходимо постоянно пополнять его новыми оригинальными статьями.

Подбор ключевых слов

При написании статьи сконцентрируйтесь вокруг одного ключевого слова. Под это слово и оптимизируйте свою статью.

Внешние методы продвижения статей

Одним написанием и размещением статьи дело не заканчивается. Про новую статью нужно еще поведать миру.

Покупка статей

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Sitemap is essential part of SEO optimization process. It talks to search engine about your new pages on time...

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