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Semantic Web abbreviations

This is a list of abbreviations, used in Semantic Web. The list of semantic web terms is long. We give here the more frequent part of them in alphabetical order.

bibo – Bibliographic Ontology

biro – Bibliographic Reference Ontology

BLD – Basic Logic Dialect

c4o – Citation Counting and Context Characterization Ontology

cc – Creative Commons Rights Expression Language

CC-BY-SA – Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike

cito – Citation Typing Ontology

CQL – Cypher Query Language

DC – Dublin Core

deco – Document Components Ontology

DOAP – Description of a Project, used to describe software projects

FaBiO – FRBR-aligned Bibliographic Ontology

FaCT++ Fast Classification of Terminologies

FOAF – Friend of a Friend

FRBR – Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records

GFDL – GNU Free Documentation License

gr – Good Relations

GRDDL – Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages

HTML – HyperText Markup Language

IRI – Internationalized Resource Identifier

IRS – Internet Reasoning Service

JSON-LD – JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data

KOS – Knowledge Organization System

LOD – Linked Open Data

mo – The music Ontology

ODC-By – Open Data Commons Attribution

ODC-ODbL – Open Database License

ODE – OpenLink Data Explorer

OWL – Web Ontology Language

OWL-S – Web Ontology Language for Services

PDDL – Public Domain Dedication and License

POSH – Plain old Semantic HTML

PRD – Production Rules Dialect

PRISM – Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata

PRO – Publishing Roles Ontology

PSO – Publishing Status Ontology

PSO – Publishing Status Ontology

PWO – Publishing Workflow Ontology

QoS – Quality of Service

RACER – Renamed ABox and Concept Expression Reasoner

RDB2RML (R2RML) – RDB to RDF Mapping Language, standard for direct mapping of relational databases to RDF

RDF – Resource Description System

RDFa – RDF in attributes

RDFS – RDF Schema language

RIF – Rule Interchange Format

RuleML – Rule Markup Language

SaaS – Software as a Service

SADI – Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration

SAIL – Storage And Inference Library

SAWDL – Semantic Annotations for WSDL

SCoRO – Scholarly Contributions and Roles Ontology

SeRQL – Sesame RDF Query Language

SIOC – Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities

SKOS – Simple Knowledge Organization System

SML – Semantic Measures Library

SOA – Service Oriented Architecture

SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol

SPAR – Semantic Publishing and Referencing Ontologies

SPARQL – SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language (pronounced as “sparkle”)

SWRL – Semantic Web Rule Language

UDDI – Universal Description, Discovery and Integration

URI – Universal Resource Identifier

URL – Universal Resource Locator

VidOnt – The Video Ontology

WS-BPEL – Web Services Business Process Execution Language

WSDL – Web Services Description Language

WSML – Web Service Modeling Language

WSMO – Web Service Modeling Ontology

WSMT – Web Services Modeling Toolkit

WSMX – Web Service Modeling eXecution environment

XFN – XHTML Friends Network

XMDP – XHTML Metadata Profiles

XML – eXtensible Markup Language

μF - microformats

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