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Last update: 12 November, 2016

Meta keywords

How to get the right keywords?

Meta keywords is a free keywords creator tool. With this web based tool you can generate keywords meta tag for every page of your site. This tool generates keywords based on contents of your html page. Meta keywords first accents on headings and highlighted text on page.
You can customize meta keyword generation process giving the following parameters:

After generating keywords we recommend you to highlight and copy the result and make SEO oriented keyword optimization using WordtrackerLabs or Google Keywords Tool. That's all what you need to get the right keywords.

Author: Jafar N.Aliyev (Jsoft)
Thanks to S.C. Chen for HTML parser php4-html-dom.php

History of meta keywords

Version 1.11 (11 March, 2011) - corrected the bug with some url addresses. There was a problem, when user gave url with http:// Now the script handles this case too.

Version 1.1 (24 May, 2010) - added all prepositions of English and Russian languages to ignore during keyword creation process.
We also delete the following characters in keywords:
[ ] { } ( ) . : ; ! ? ` ~ " < > « »

Version 1.0 beta (19 April, 2010) - the base version, that included almost all functionality.

Parameters of meta keywords

Min characters' count in keyword - minimum quantity of chracaters that hold keyword. The words with less characters will be ignored by Meta Keywords. It's useful to ignore the prefixes such "to", "up", "and", etc. The default value is 3.

Max words in keyword - the maximum quantity of words on each keyword. Usually the keywords meta holds one word per keyword. Therefore the default value is 1. User can give any value between 1-9.

Max count of keywords - the maximum number of generated keywords. Because search engines are read the first 50 keywords on each page the default value is 50. User can give any value between 1-200.

Add supplemental tags - to handle supplemental tags such <p>, <span>, <td>, <li>, etc.

Usage of meta keywords

Fill below the url of your site and click to Generate.