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Internet Pentomino

Objective of Pentomino game

You must overlap all black squares with given figures. Drag the figure and drop on black squares of puzzle. You can drag them with mouse, rotate and invert. There are eleven buttons on the right side. Each button corresponds to one puzzle.

If you build the puzzle by operlapping all squares of the figure, the next game begins. If you think the given puzzle is too difficult for you, choose another one by pressing one of the buttons on the right side.

For rotation click mouse on figure, hold down mouse button and press R on keyboard. You can rotate the figures during dragging too. For inversion do the same thing with I button.

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This applet was written in Java(tm) Developers Kit Version 1.0.1 by Sun Microsystems
Version 1.0
Copyright© by Jafar N. Aliev(JEFF)
Baku; 23 Feb, 1998