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Image capturing programs

Image capturing program for ValCam professional camera (Mar, 2001)

This program is distributed in two versions for Windows platform.Stand-alone version is for demonstration and Dll for use of application developers.

The program has two frames: "Main frame" and "Settings". To make a photo, first click the Capture button, then cut the part of object face from the captured image and click Cut. The file "Photo.jpg" will be created in the current path inside of your program

Installation notes

Unzip files to any folder

Only the following files must be distributed with stand-alone program and U'll need the camera as well:

For dll version JeffCAM.dll must be distributed as well.

Usage Notes

If you change the size of initial screen then ratio on Width/Height must be 4/3 and ratio of photo depends from you in MIF cards this ratio is 34/40.

Run TestDllPrg.exe to test dll


For assistance please contact to me

author: Jafar N.Aliyev (Jsoft)
Source: Included (Delphi)

Download here

Image capturing program (Feb, 1997)

This is another capturing program that was written before the above mentioned program. This program works in an old FlyVideo image grabber. User interfase is Azeri and needs an old TTF fonts. It captures and creates Device Independent Bitmap on disk.

author: Jafar N.Aliyev (Jsoft)
Source: Included (Borland C++ for Windows)

Download here