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70-270. Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional

70-290. Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 environment

M102: MongoDB for DBAs (verify certificate in site of MongoDB)

M101J: MongoDB for Java Developers (verify certificate in site of MongoDB)

Sites, built by me - Azeri Natural Language Processing service demo and test page - On-line diagnostic site with many useful tests. First aid, medicine catalogue, nomograms, Apgar scale and many other useful things... - Книжный магазин. Более двух миллоинов книг на русском и на английском языках - Магазин электронных книг. Около 150 тыс. электронных книг и аудиокниг на русском и на английском языках - Сайт бесплатных книг. В основном жудожественная литература. Сайт имеет адаптивный веб-дизайн - Book Shop. There are more than 1 mln. books from 33,000 publishers in 1000 categories - Sends your RSS to any social network by given schedule. You can set posts count per session, time delay between sessions and other specific social network parameters - Perfumery&Cosmetics shop, site localized for 11 countries and works in 7 languages, (Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Thai, English, Russian and Portuguese). - Rübənd kitabının təqdimat saytı - Easy solution for Point Of Sales - Home page of Maria Montessori school in Baku - home page of mathematics - blog of writer - a gallery of postage stamps of Former Soviet Union

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name: Jafar N. Aliyev(JEFF)

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