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Backlink is another name of inlink (or inbound link). It often used as SEO term. It means getting link from other site and in most cases in exchange with link from your site.
When you get external link to your site or exchange with links, look for quality backlinks. Look at the following checklist to get the maximum benefit from backlink.

  • Get backlink from worthwhile site (or page). Some years ago the Google Page Rank (PR) was the index of significance. There was many sites to check Google rank of pages. But not now. Therefore at least the page, you are getting link must be indexed by Google and Yahoo. The site may be banned and links from this site will not be considered as useful for your site.
  • Get not only permanent links (permalinks). Javascript links, like'') or links from VBscript and flash was not considered by search engines. But now they are considered by search engines as natural links and look like more realistic.
  • Look at meta tag of page, giving you a link. If page tagged as nofollow or noindex like
    <meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow"/>
    it says the crawler to lot follow and not consider these links. Also look at rel property of <a> tag
    <a href="" rel="nofollow">Title</a>
    This link also not considered by search engines. Some sites also add external within rel, like rel="nofollow external" or even rel=”nofollow noindex”. But in order to seem naturally you must have such backlinks too.
  • Add and increase backlinks smoothly, not all links in one day, or U'll get backlink explosion.

All above mentioned tips concerns to search engines. Users can always reach your site through this links. Consider these rules when you exchange or buy links. In case of free links (if you already have inbound links from external site) you mustn’t think about its quality. Even if the linking site is banned it will not considered as your fault by Uncle Google.

One more thing. Backlinks have the feature to disappear after a while. Therefore check your backlinks from time to time to assure they’re still alive. For this purpose I can offer my free backlinks checker tool. In this tool I ignore Javascript links and check only permalinks. I count links with nofollow and noindex features of <meta> tag of page and inside of <a> tag.

Many sites and directories offer reciprocal links. There are also many link exchange directories. You can find them yourse by googling th net. I will not recommend and advertise any of them.

Author: Jafar N.Aliyev (Jsoft)

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