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23 December, 2012 - Испанские слова
Эти слова по написанию и/или по произношению похожи русским и английским словам

23 December, 2012 - Nograd (Nógrádgárdony)
Nógrádgárdony is a county in the north of Hungary. It borders with Slovakia. This county is like a village between mountains.

23 December, 2012 - Hungary
That is is my impressions about Budapest and Hungary.

26 December, 2012 - Balassagyarmat
Balassagyarmat (formerly Balassa-Gyarmath) is a town in northern Hungary. It was the seat of the Nógrád comitatus.

29 December, 2012 - Hollókő
It is an ethnographic village in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are Catholic Church and small museums in this village.

30 December, 2012 - Budapest
Budapest is the capital of Hungary. Danube river divides Budapest into two parts: Buda and Pest. My hotel was in Pest side.